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Three Reasons Why Getting Good RV Insurance is a Smart Idea

RV insurance

Getting that RV means you get to travel the nation’s roads in style and comfort. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of that fabled cross-country trip, seeing America’s hills and valleys, visiting steakhouses, small town fairs, and national parks. Your recreational vehicle will make it happen. So don’t let your dream adventure turn sour due to an unforeseen accident or damage. At Pan American Insurance we want to make sure that your RV road trip and experience is all you ever envisioned and more.

Regardless of what class of recreational vehicle you own, the importance of RV insurance cannot be overstated. Driving a recreational vehicle is different, requires some practice, and can lead to unintended accidents that damage your vehicle. Making sure it’s protected is the best way to safeguard your investment and your time.

#1: It’s Required

Owning a recreational vehicle comes with certain amount of responsibility and depending on the kind of vehicle and the state you live in, it might be required. In the great state of Texas RV insurance is required even when you are not driving the vehicle. Other instances in which it is mandated to have insurance include:

  • A Class A or B vehicle: Motorhomes are required to have at least liability insurance in most states.
  • A financed RV. If you took out a loan and don’t own the vehicle, then you are required to get full coverage.
  • Rental RV. If your driving a rental vehicle you are required to get a short term policy if your auto insurance doesn’t carry it.

#2: Driving an RV is Different

Many people will get behind the wheel of their new recreational vehicle without careful consideration of some of the major differences in driving a vehicle such as this. Some of the most common damage to RV’s is often due to simple miscalculation of the size and length of the vehicle or camper. Getting into tight spaces, lanes, and roads, could prove a little difficult. This often leads to damage of your vehicle or other property.  New drivers also fail to spend enough time getting used to the RV blind spot, which is significantly bigger than a regular automobile and is known to cause accidents. Miscalculation of size might also lead into running into posts, corners, and other vehicles while turning.

#3 Inexperience with Loads

Some of the most common accidents in RV’s are due to other types of errors including an overloaded or unevenly loaded RV. Loading too much can cause a blown out tire and lead to an accident or running into side markers or damage to the rest of the vehicle.

Insure Your Adventure with Pan Am Insurance

Your RV is likely to bring you and your family years of fun and unforgettable memories. Protect your vehicle and your investment with the necessary safeguards. A recreational vehicle, like any other automobile on the road, is a big responsibility. Acquiring RV insurance is a smart move to protect your investment and ensure years of adventures to come.

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