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Four Important Facts About Boat Insurance

It’s common knowledge that when you get into your vehicle and hit the road, you are required to have car insurance that protects your car or the cars of others in the event of an accident. Boat insurance works much the same way except many people are not aware just how important boat insurance really is. Pan American Insurance  San Antonio understands and wants to help you insure your watercraft so that you can enjoy your time on the water worry-free.

You probably put in quite the investment onto your boat and don’t want to lose that investment due to an unforeseen accident, weather conditions, or other incidents. Here are a few things to keep in mind about this important protection.

#1 It’s Texas Law!

Depending on where you live the requirements for boat protection may vary. In Texas however, you are required to purchase some form of protection for your watercraft regardless of whether you go boating once a year or every weekend.

#2 It’s Specific To Your Craft

Whether you have a fishing boat, a center console, cabin cruiser, or a yacht, your vehicle needs to be protected for your sake and the sake of others on the water. However, boat insurance requires that the protection plan cater specifically to your type of watercraft. Protections for a yacht will vary from those of a fishing boat.  This is why it is important to speak to a professional representative.

#3 Weigh the Costs

In Texas boat insurance is usually a collision or comprehensive policy. It’s important that you weight the cost of the boat against what it costs to insurance and decide what might be the best option for you.  A comprehensive plan will cover everything in case of a crash. This might include other personal property or even injury to your person if you happen to get hurt.

#4 Your Boat Must be Covered  Year Round

You must have insurance for the boat even when it’s sitting on your driveway during the winter months. In Texas, you are required to protect your boat when it’s not in use and just sitting in your garage or storage shed. It is subject to get damaged even when it’s not in use by weather or other incidents and so you want to be protected at all costs.  

Protect Your Watercraft the Right Way

Because boat insurance is specific to your watercraft, talk to a specialized and knowledgeable insurance agent. Pan American Insurance will asses all factors and better cover your boat and any potential damages. Protect yourself and your property and sail on!

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