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Flood Insurance in San Antonio

gray couch in a flooded room with floating white chair and potted tree. Many people wonder if they should purchase flood insurance. Some people on the other hand don’t even take the time to consider this question. However, there are many reasons why purchasing this coverage can be a great idea. For one thing, the cost versus the benefit of this insurance is excellent. We have a few facts about this coverage that will help you make the right decision.

Regular Homeowners Insurance Doesn’t Include Flood Coverage

Too many people just don’t realize that regular homeowners insurance doesn’t include coverage for floods. While homeowners can protect against a number of situations floods just isn’t one of them. This is true for renters insurance as well. In order to be protected against this kind of catastrophic event it is important to purchase flood insurance.  

Even Places Far From Water Can Flood

According to FEMA, floods are the most common kind of natural disaster in America. Although we may not realize it, floods cause millions of dollars in damages across the nation every single year. Many people think that because they live in the desert or a region far from any body of water a flood is not possible. However, this just isn’t the case. According to FEMA, over 20 percent of flood claims happen outside of high risk regions. However, Texas is one of the top regions in the nation for flood related fatalities. Lots of efforts have been underway in San Antonio because of flood risks.

Flood Insurance Can Protect Against Financial Ruin

Without flood insurance you could end up in a horrible situation. If you suffer damages or worse, lose your home, your homeowners will not cover it. You could end up in financial ruin with no way to recover. Flood protection is an affordable coverage. The benefit of protecting your home and family against terrible financial disaster is worth the cost and more.

Renters Can Purchase Protection Against Flooding as Well

Many renters don’t realize that the coverage that their landlord purchases does not cover their personal belongings. This rings true for flood coverage as well. Renters are eligible to purchase protection not only against theft and destruction but also against floods.

Purchasing Flood Insurance is Easy

If you are interesting in protecting your property and belongs against flooding, it is easy. Simply give us a call at Pan American Insurance and speak to one of our experts. We offer a wide variety of insurances to protect you and your family. Although many don’t realize it, flood is a real threat in San Antonio. Contact us today for more information.

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