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Damage Control: Why Flood Insurance Helps You Stay Afloat

Many people in El Paso remember the famous floods of 2006. El Pasoans — to their surprise—found themselves in knee high water and sweeping water out of their homes, reaching their belongings with kayaks. That year, and many years following, people that failed to protect their home lost thousands of dollars, when their houses suffered damage and destruction.  Pan American insurance understands the importance of flood insurance in protecting your home, your investment, and your family. That’s why our priority is assessing the best way to protect your home from various kinds of flood damage.

Since 2006, El Pasoans in different areas of the city have seen substantial damage because of floods.  In 2014, portions of Hondo Pass, Railroad Drive were inundated and flood waters also reached the entrance of El Paso Community College. In 2017, the far west side of town saw heavy flooding around the Canutillo and Vinton areas. Many people tend to think that they will never be affected, or they have the mistaken belief that the federal government has the obligation to foot the bill. The truth is many homeowners find themselves on their own after the storm.

Damages to the Home

Water is the life source—the building block of all living organisms— but it also wields extraordinary destructive power. Without flood insurance homes might require a lot of time and out-of-pocket money to get back to livable conditions. Here are some of the damages that can be caused by floods:

  • Drywall damage. Wet drywall is mold heaven. Water  softens drywall and causes the paper facing to mold. The wall often needs to be gutted in order to clean the insides and ensure no trapped water is causing molding.


  • Swells wooden framing. Excess water will cause many homes’ framing to swell. This can often trigger other kinds of damages. Framing should be dried so that it may dry and restore its structural integrity.


  • Penetrates insulation. Many times the insulation in a home is made out of absorbent materials that will soak in water. This foaming must be replaced.


  • Messes with electrical systems and appliances. Electrical outlets and switches that were swamped usually need to be replaced and any electrical devices are often rendered useless.


  • Ruins some flooring. Carpet and padding covered in water is no longer good.  Laminate flooring might simply come apart and hardwood floors may warp while subflooring might need to be cleaned and dried.


Protect Your Home

Pan American Insurance Company wants to protect your home and can help review flood maps and assess your specific needs. Being protected means that in the event of damage, you will not be blindsided by expenses and unaffordable repairs. More importantly, you won’t lose everything you’ve worked for. Call us today for more information on flood insurance.

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