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Category: San Antonio TX

What Types of Insurance Can You Add to Your Coverage?

In a hectic world where nothing is ever guaranteed, the insurance game is one that’s well worth playing. We’ve all got a lot of stuff — much of it pretty expensive to boot — and we want to make sure that our resources stay safe for as long as we need them. These days, you […]

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What Are Auto Insurance Premiums?

Seeing the word “premium” attached to any other word is typically a mixed blessing. It suggests something special and especially fancy (which is good), but with the implication that it’s going to cost you more to get it (which is bad). And when it goes next to a word like “insurance,” it’s especially intimidating. Thankfully, […]

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How to File an Auto Insurance Claim

So, it’s happened: you got into a car accident. Regardless of the specifics and who gets the fair share of the blame, you now have to, among many other headaches, file an auto insurance claim. Cue the ominous music. Submitting paperwork in an attempt to get money (or avoid having to pay any yourself) seems […]

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Monsoon Season is Here: Are You Prepared?

Monsoon season is upon us. That means we are in store for heavy rains, possible flooding, thunder and lightning storms, strong winds, power outages, and more! But this probably isn’t new information for you. San Antonio usually sees some crazy weather during this season.  That being said, we want to be sure we do what […]

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Four Important Facts About Boat Insurance

It’s common knowledge that when you get into your vehicle and hit the road, you are required to have car insurance that protects your car or the cars of others in the event of an accident. Boat insurance works much the same way except many people are not aware just how important boat insurance really […]

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What Every New Driver Should Know About Car Insurance in San Antonio

Unlike Virginia or New Hampshire, drivers in the state of Texas are required to have car insurance. In all actuality, this is for the best. New Hampshire law may not require drivers to have car insurance but, in the event of a crash that results in property damage or injury, the driver’s license will be […]

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Car Insurance is Essential

Whether you have a brand new truck or a little old sedan that gets you around, car insurance in San Antonio is essential. With such busy traffic not to mention Texas laws that require it, driving without insurance can be costly. At the end of the day, it simply pays off to have insurance. The […]

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4 Common Mexican Travel Insurance Questions Debunked

Home and auto insurance are no-brainers, but for some reason travel insurance tends to be forgotten by El Paso and San Antonio residents. Either it’s seen as unnecessary or too confusing to be bothered with. Whatever the case may be, if you travel to Mexico for spring break, summer vacations, work, or to visit relatives, […]

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Flood Insurance in San Antonio

Many people wonder if they should purchase flood insurance. Some people on the other hand don’t even take the time to consider this question. However, there are many reasons why purchasing this coverage can be a great idea. For one thing, the cost versus the benefit of this insurance is excellent. We have a few […]

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