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Author: Biz IQ

What Types of Insurance Can You Add to Your Coverage?

In a hectic world where nothing is ever guaranteed, the insurance game is one that’s well worth playing. We’ve all got a lot of stuff — much of it pretty expensive to boot — and we want to make sure that our resources stay safe for as long as we need them. These days, you […]

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What Are Auto Insurance Premiums?

Seeing the word “premium” attached to any other word is typically a mixed blessing. It suggests something special and especially fancy (which is good), but with the implication that it’s going to cost you more to get it (which is bad). And when it goes next to a word like “insurance,” it’s especially intimidating. Thankfully, […]

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How to File an Auto Insurance Claim

So, it’s happened: you got into a car accident. Regardless of the specifics and who gets the fair share of the blame, you now have to, among many other headaches, file an auto insurance claim. Cue the ominous music. Submitting paperwork in an attempt to get money (or avoid having to pay any yourself) seems […]

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