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4 Common Mexican Travel Insurance Questions Debunked

Location Mexico. Green pin on the map.Home and auto insurance are no-brainers, but for some reason travel insurance tends to be forgotten by El Paso and San Antonio residents. Either it’s seen as unnecessary or too confusing to be bothered with. Whatever the case may be, if you travel to Mexico for spring break, summer vacations, work, or to visit relatives, then you need to understand the importance of having Mexican travel insurance before hopping on the next plane.  

Common Mexican Travel Insurance Questions Answered

To help you prepare, we’d like to answer four common questions that travelers often have when it comes to travel insurance.

Q1: Is travel insurance the same as health insurance?

Health and travel insurance are not interchangeable. Most importantly, one does not replace the other. If you have a pre-existing condition, your health insurance is your primary provider. When it comes to getting sick or injuring yourself while in Mexico, travel insurance steps in to protect you when you visit a hospital or clinic.

Q2: My credit card company says it offers protection, is that enough coverage?

Credit cards offer very limited coverage when it comes to unforeseen events. If your trip is canceled, you lose valuable items or seek medical care while in Mexico, your card might not cover those costs. We also advise customers not to rely on credit card companies for reimbursement. It’s also best to read the fine print of their policies.

Q3: Mexico’s public healthcare is inexpensive, so is travel insurance really necessary?

Absolutely. While not having travel insurance won’t prevent you from getting treated in the country, it certainly will be there in the case of an emergency. It’s important to note that Mexico has two healthcare systems: a public and higher-end private one but less than 10% of the population has private insurance. While the public healthcare may be cheap by US dollar terms, if you need to see a doctor due to a major accident, the cost can be extremely expensive.

Q4: My trip is already costing me a lot, will insurance set me even further back?

In short, no. You can start cutting back on daily trips to Starbucks and put that money into a travel insurance fund. The cost of insurance will be based on the length and total cost of your trip, your age, as well as other factors that can determine how much coverage you need. However, the overall benefit of having protection is that you can easily end up paying much more out pocket if something does go wrong.

Traveling to Mexico in the near future?

At Pan American Insurance we are always rooting for you to have a great time in Mexico but we also care about your safety. It’s never too early to start planning for travel insurance before your next getaway. Contact your El Paso or San Antonio office today to learn more about our coverage plans while traveling.

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